Stephanie Webster

Hello, I am Stephanie Webster.

I am an entrepreneur, broadcaster, nutritional therapist and a UK property investment analyst.

I am interested in optimal health and building wealth - in that order.

I am based in Harley Street, Marylebone, London UK.

I work with entrepreneurs and executives over 40 who want to put their health first, after years of prioritising their work at huge personal cost.

I help in two ways:

  1. My 12 month health optimisation programme helps you rebuild a new relationship with food and training.  I believe that you can’t AI care and human connection.  I care about each of my clients immensely.


  1. For health reasons, sometimes my clients want to leave their business or employment and want to explore how income producing property investments can help them do that.  So I share what opportunities I have been analysing and they make their own decisions.  Here is what I like to look of currently.  UK property passive investments.


So that’s the day to day.  I have an unbelievably talented team who help me achieve all of that.


But I believe that all of this, all leads to a greater purpose.


Life is about making a difference and for that to be sustainable it needs to be profitable.


Here are the two areas in which I would like to make a difference:

- The NHS

- The social housing sector

These 2 areas are very important to me… but I am also interested in these areas, for fun and profits:

Detox centres, exceptional hotels, sexy care homes, clinical trials for CBD and magic mushrooms for mental health, sustainable fashion brands, self sufficient living, bunkers, recycled plastic.

I need help on:

  1. - Scaling Urban Health Method.  Here is the business plan.
  2. - Creating a privately owned low cost national health service that compliments the NHS. Here is the business plan (2 parts) - 1 2.

  1. Pitching my 3 x 1hr documentaries to BBC, ITV, Channel 4.

For their 8pm, 9pm and 10pm slots.

  • Property: Homelessness in the UK, with a health angle… mental health, food, nutrition
  • Health: Health before Wealth. Build a business, lose your mind. Entrepreneurs who lost it. Either lost themselves, their health, their money, their families, their everything. And how they recover.
  • Sex: How to have sex. Sexual dysfunction. The pain and anxiety around intimate matter.  For more info on the health issues read

  1. Rewriting my existing nutrition book.
  2. Supporting my annual charity event held in Annabel’s.

At the end of 2021 I will be graduating with an MBA from London Business School.

If I can be of service to you, or you can assist with any of the above, WhatsApp me anytime on +447500356356.


Click here for the Urban Health Method

Click here for Urban Abodes